Sledding with Siberian huskies

NB! Sledding season starts in January We are not offering sledding in December.

Packet includes:
  • Introducing the breed – we will talk about Siberian Huskies, their history, character and field of application. Introducing the dogs – we will present our dogs individually, guests can pet and hug them.
  • Introducing the ponies and an alpaca.
  • Preparing the dogs for a ride – put on harnesses and attach them to the dugline.
  • Sledding with dogs – we will sled about 3 km around the neighbourhood. On the sled 1 adult is a musher who is standing and guiding. The other person can sit on the sled. Every sled has 6-8 dogs in front.
  • After the ride we gladly answer the questions and serve some tea to guests.
Packet takes approx 1,5h-2h, in which sledding takes about 20-30 minutes.
NB! This activity needs a good physical condition from the musher!
Maximum weight for one sled is 180kg. Maximum nr persons per sled is 3 (2 adults / 2 adults & 1 child / 1 adult & 2 kids).


  •  50€/kid (0-3 years)
  • 80€/kid (4-5 years)
  • 110€/kid (6-18 years)
  • 130€/adult

NB! The prices exclude the tax. If you have any more questions, contact with us!

This packet is not for big groups!

Maximum number of people is 6.

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