Kicksledding/kickbike tour

Packet includes:
  • Introducing the breed – we will talk about Siberian Huskies, their history, character and field of application. Introducing the dogs – we will present our dogs individually, guests can pet and hug them. If there are puppies there is an opportunity to pet them too.
  • Introducing the ponies and an alpaca.
  • Sled/scooter tour – we provide hikers with thorough training and prepare them for the ride. Each visitor gets his own sled/scooter to cover the 3 km long track. A hiking guide will also come with you. We choose the sled/bike according to the weather.
Packet takes approx 1,5h-2h, in which sledding takes about 20-30 minutes.
NB! The ride takes place without dogs! NB! This activity needs a good physical condition from the rider!


  • 35€/person

The prices exclude the tax. If you have any quetsions, contact with us!

Maximum (sled) group size 15 people.

The maximum (scooter) group size is 5 people.

There is a discount for groups!

Tõukekelgu/ratta retke broneerimine

Täida ära kõik vajalikud lahtrid, et saaksime arvestada inimeste arvu ja mahuga.